Looking to get your fix of the latest health, fitness and exercise news? Our news section is focused on the fitness movement of the moment; pole dancing. Not just an amazing exercise for testing the limits of your strength, pole dancing fitness classes are also a great alternative to the gym, and are the perfect environment to socialise with fellow lovers of exercise.

If you're looking to achieve your fitness goals, and want something other than the standard gym workout programme, then Pole Sport might just be the workout for you. In our news section, you can find links to our latest pole dancing classes in London, along with information on how to get started on your path to pole dancing mastery. Not convinced about the benefits of pole dancing? Don't just take our word for it. You can read more about what our members have to say in our testimonial section.

It's time to ditch the gym and get moving with Pole Sport.


September 7, 2018

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We Have X-Pole Sport Dance Poles For Sale!

Dreaming of turning your living room into a pole fitness studio? Or aiming to open your own pole dancing school in your local area? Well, we have some exciting news for you… We have four X-Pole Sport dance poles for sale!

The X-Pole Sport Dance Pole

X-Pole are the leaders in pole fitness. This Sport Pole is designed specifically for beginners – though professionals and more advanced students can practice their moves on this dance pole too! This dance pole is ideal if you’re looking for something which is easy to install and set up. X-Pole have designed this Sport Dance Pole to require no ladders during installation and needs no transition between A-Pole to B-Pole, so you can started straight away!

X-Pole Sport Dance Pole For Sale – Specifications

You can find the X-Pole Sport Dance Pole for sale on eBay for £115 (RRP £149.99). We currently have one up for sale, but will have three more added in the coming weeks. Please get in touch with us on eBay or directly if you are interested in purchasing multiple dance poles.

The X-Pole Sport is 40mm in length and is extremely sturdy and stable, making it ideal for beginners.

This dance pole has been used, but is in brilliant condition, with just a few small scratches, which are shown in the photos.

Key Features:
• Bottom Loading – no ladders required.
• Revolutionary X-Joints – easy to use, quick to install.
• Smooth Pole from Top to Bottom – no transition between A-Pole to B-Pole.
• Small Upper Plate – for installation under one joist.
• Static Only.
• Extendable from 2235mm (7′ 4″) to 2745 (9′) from the box.
• Carry Case (included) – holds a complete SPORT Pole.


If you have any questions about our X-Pole Sport Dance Poles for sale, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy pole dancing!


It’s here! The one you’ve been asking for…. the Partner Stretching and Floor Work for Pole class has arrived to Pole Sport London. Flexibility for pole dancing is essential to helping you prepare for or develop more advanced pole technique and pole moves, and after much demand, we’ve created a unique pole dancing class specifically dedicated to flexibility for pole dancing!

Why Is Flexibility for Pole Dancing Important?

Stretching isn’t just for flexibility for pole dancing. Flexibility in everyday life is important too. Ever wake up stiff, or find you can’t turn in certain ways or reach your toes? Stretching exercises can improve your overall health and fitness, preventing issues such as muscle injury and back pain. Flexibility exercises help keep joints mobile, and keeps your muscles lean and strong as you age. The less you stretch, the weaker your muscles become, making them more prone to damage when you do go to use them – and no one wants that!

So what does this mean for pole dancing lessons?

Pole fitness obviously includes a lot of bending and requires more flexibility the more advanced you get in pole dancing. We always, always ensure our students are warmed up thoroughly to prevent injury, but stretching exercises and working on your flexibility can help with that and make certain moves easier.

We wanted to offer you a tailor made stretching workout, specifically for flexibility for pole dancing, so you can reach your moves quicker and safer!

Partner Stretching and Floor Work for Pole Class

Our brand new class, Partner Stretching and Floor Work for Pole begins Tuesday February 20th, starting at 6pm.

The pole fitness class will include a high intensity warm up, partner stretching and floor work routines to build in to your pole routine combos. Expect to bend – a lot! These sessions will really focus on extreme stretches, supporting your partner to develop their flexibility on areas such as the back, shoulders and including the splits!

Our new flexibility for pole dancing class will be held at: Train Fitness, Pocock Street, Southwark SE1. The venue includes a wonderful space, with room for 20 students, a powerful sound system, air conditioning (we’ll need it!), showers and changing room.

If you’re interested in signing up, check out our booking page or contact us for more information.

Pole Dancing for Beginners

February 9, 2018

We get it. Pole dancing for beginners can be a little scary. Firstly there’s the whole challenge of getting your body around a pole and then there’s the dress code – or lack of one!

But you’re curious… Whether it’s for fun, fitness or to treat yourself to feeling like a goddess, pole dancing classes are calling you. So let us calm your anxieties and introduce you to pole dancing for beginners at Pole Sport London.

What’s Pole Dancing for Beginners Really Like?

“I always wanted to try pole classes but as I’m not flexible and I had no upper body strength, I was too worried of not being able to do anything or being left out (as sometimes happens with other sports).”

You’re not alone when it comes to  being nervous about you first class, in fact, you’re with others who are there to support you and learn with you. One of our students, Paula Natalicchio, recently talked about her worries about starting pole dancing lessons and how they soon vanished!

“I joined them [Pole Sport London] almost 4 months ago now and since then I have increased from 2 to 3 classes per week.”

Our community vibe is like no other, and you’ll never feel like the last one to be picked for a game of rounders! Our pole school in London is all about bringing people together to have fun and encourage each other as a team. We love focusing on pole exercise and pole dance routines to bring a feel good vibe to our pole dancing classes for beginners.

“What have I gained? First of all, great friends, you work with a partner, so you support and encourage each other. As they have small and personalised classes, we all get to know each other and celebrate each other’s achievements. I found Pole Sports very challenging but, as you are not alone it becomes very interesting and great fun.”

Does Pole Dance Fitness Count as Exercise?

YES! It might look gracious and easy, but pole dancing takes strength and pole technique. But don’t worry – we’ll get you started with the pole dancing basics and over time, with others cheering you on, you’ll learning some of the more advanced pole moves.

As Paula says, it’s an amazing form of exercise to help you feel good and get healthier; “That’s not all, I lost weight, it has improved my body coordination and flexibility, I became stronger and fitter. I can’t complain, I love it.

“I have completed my first steps of going upside down. That is very satisfying and a great achievement for someone that couldn’t lift the feet off the ground!”

So What Should I Wear?

It’s not all about skimpy bikinis and underwear! Pole Sports London is welcoming, non-judgemental and accepting of everyone. You don’t need to come along in tiny hot pants (unless you want to!) – running shorts and a t-shirt is more than fine. You can also layer and wear a long sleeved top and jogging bottoms for the warm up and cool down – whatever you’re comfortable in!

If you’re curious and have more questions, check out our booking page to see what’s on or contact us here.

new pole dance teacher

Julien Roussel is Our New Pole Dance Teacher!

We’re incredibly excited to welcome our new pole dance teacher and Pole Champion, Julien Rousell, to Pole Sport London! Julien Roussel will be bring us exciting new pole dance classes and pole dancing workouts from January 23rd at our pole dancing school in Fitness First, London Bridge Hotel and we can’t wait for him to get started!

Julien Roussel is known for his inspiring and expert pole technique, which saw him win the title of Mr Pole Champion in 2016 and the Miss Pole Dance UK Double’s Championships with his partner Cheryl Teagann in 2017.

New Pole Dance Workouts with Pole Champion and West End Dancer

The pole champion has not only graced London’s West End in the infamous musical The Lion King,  but his long standing dance career has seen him perform at countless stage shows and even at the London Olympic Games. His dance technique and years as a professional ballet dancer makes him the perfect dance teacher for anyone interested in stage show dance and working on dance performance and confidence.

Giving his background, our new pole dance teacher appreciates pole dancing as a specialised art form, and yet he also sees it as a type of workout, specifically, pole fitness. As a professional dancer, he will be introducing new pole dance workouts that blend his vibrant energy and love of dance, with his knowledge and understanding of the body and pole fitness. Expect fun and exciting pole dance lessons that are expert led and great for the physique!

Is a Male Pole Dance Teacher Right For Me?

Going to a new dance class or any fitness workout class can be scary! At Pole Sport London, we always want you to feel comfortable and welcomed – which is one of the reasons why we’re thrilled to have our new pole dance teacher Julien Roussel on board! Whilst some may not associate pole with men, having a male pole dance teacher shows how the pole dancing industry is growing, moving away from the judgement and becoming a professional dance form in its own right.

Julien is an understanding and approachable teacher, with a passion for dance teaching and pole dance. With a background in ballet and contemporary dance, Julien will be able to help beginners learn the basics of pole dancing and will encourage and support intermediate or advanced pole dancing students take their pole technique to the next level.

Julien is a brilliant pole dance teacher, whether you’re looking to improve your fitness in 2017 or if you and your friends are after a fun hen party idea!

Pole Fitness Classes London

Our talented new pole dance teacher will be bringing you lessons weekly every Tuesday, starting at our pole dancing school at Fitness First, London Bridge Hotel on January 23rd:

All Levels: Pole Dance

Tuesdays 4.10pm – 5.10pm

This is a fun class for all levels whether you are a complete beginner or progressing on to more advanced moves. The class sizes are small with 2 – 7 people in class allowing you to work closely with your teacher tailoring the class to your level and ability. If you are a beginner you will work through our five week course learning how to pole dance, spin around the pole and go upside down!

To read more on classes with Julien Roussel and the other pole dancing fitness classes we run at our our pole dancing school, check our classes and booking page.


new healthier liefstyle

Happy New Year and A New Healthier Lifestyle!

Happy New Year, Happy New You! We hope you enjoyed the festive season. What better way to start the New Year than with a new a blog post focusing on your fitness goals and creating a new healthier lifestyle? It’s a great time to adopt a new fitness routine because a new year is, after all, considered a fresh start by many people. Lets start 2018 of as the year we work towards our health and fitness goals with a workout plan that’s sustainable – so you will be more likely to get past the end of January and still keep up the great exercise and healthy eating lifestyle.

New Year Resolution?

New years resolutions can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to create a new healthier lifestyle. It’s easy to think the new year, new you thing means that you need to dive in at the deep end, start hitting the gym everyday of the week and remove all refined sugars and processed foods from your diet. The usual thought is that you have to completely change your lifestyle and while it would be amazing if you could do that and stick with it, for the majority of us it’s just not feasible.

It’s much easier to make small, gradual changes and introducing a new exercise routine can really help with that. The key is not to try to change too much at once!

new healthier lifestyle

Pole Fitness – A Great Way To Keep Fit!

Trying something new is an exciting way to approach your health and fitness goals, and pole fitness is a great way to keep fit. How often have you signed up for a gym membership and attended just a few times? Pole dancing is a fun, empowering, body positive workout routine. It focuses on body weight strength that improves your overall strength capabilities, and also takes stress off your joints. It also serves as a detox for your body from the overload of a everyday life.

You’ll be far more likely to stick with your new workout plan if you enjoy it!

A Healthier, New You Is About Balance

At the start of every New Year you can bet there will be a new fad diet everyone is trying their hardest to follow. But to reinvent yourself doesn’t mean you have to find the latest fad diet and attempt to survive solely on soups or smoothies. Just aim to make generally healthier lifestyle choices. Team this with a new workout regime and you’re off to a winning start.

Make being healthy your main goal. You’ll soon notice improvements.

Pole Fitness Classes

At Pole Sport London, we have a range of pole fitness classes to get your health goals started. We have pole dancing lessons to help improve flexibility, classes that focus on improving your pole technique and pole dancing for beginnings. Come and see what we have in offer at our pole dancing school, London.

Check out our booking page to view our pole dancing classes available.

If you are interested in having pole dance lessons at your venue or gym as part of your classes that you have to offer for your customers then please get in touch. We will provide you with the instructors and teaching programmes so you never need to worry about cover teachers and pole dance syllabus for all levels. We will device a programme tailored to your venue and gym ethos advising on the right poles for you and helping with installation.

For more details on having pole dance lessons at your gym or venue please contact us on enquiries@polesportlondon.co.uk

Why work with Pole Sport London?

Pole Sport London have a net work of teachers trained by Pole Sport London.
All of our instructors are insured and experienced teaching both men and woman of all levels of Pole Dancing. We have a strong focus on fitness and not just the dance element of pole dancing which make us a good pole dancing school for gyms and venues that want to open up pole dancing as a fitness.

Pole dancing classes london

London Pole Dancing Classes

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing lessons in London are a fantastic way of improving your core strength and overall fitness whilst having fun and making new friends. In the heart of this city we provide an escape from the hustle and bustle, a rare chance to focus on yourself, your body and your health. We know that you are busy, and so our classes run most days at different times to suit you.


30 seconds from London Bridge

Our pole dancing classes are held at central London locations close to London Bridge Station. We have pole dance classes at London Bridge Hotel Fitness First which is just 30 seconds from the tube, at the base of the Shard. You do not need to be a member of this gym to attend, with the option to drop in or buy a course of five classes.

At the weekends we move to our venue at Fit4less in Southwark which is close to Waterloo and Elephant and Castle stations. This pole dance venue created by us is a perfect venue for traditional pole dance lessons, spinning pole dance, beginners pole dance lessons and pole fitness / conditioning. It has great lights and sound system making it a perfect space for working on new pole dance routines.

Working together

Our pole dance classes are small numbers to allow for lots of 1 2 1 tuition with your pole dance instructor. You will work in pairs on the poles and learn to coach each other during your training so feel free to come with friends, or make some new ones at the class. The atmosphere is super-friendly, and you can even ask to train to your favourite song.

Give PoleSport a try

To book your pole dance class with us you can sign up through our online booking system here. If for whatever reason you cannot make a class you can reschedule where 48 hours notice is given. It really does not matter what your level of fitness is or whether you have any dancing experience, this school is for anyone who whats to give Pole Sport a go.

We are always trying out new fitness ideas in London to stay on top of our own training and to bring new ideas to class. Some of our favourite training ideas can be seen below along with some of our top recommended fitness ideas in Central London.


Boom Cycle indoor cycling

Boom Cycle puts the fun factor into getting your sweat on!

Looking for new fitness ideas in London?

In this unique class you decide how far to push yourself, with instructors on hand to guide and encourage you the whole ride. It’s the ultimate, ‘party on a bike’ experience for anyone looking for that full body workout.

With the lights low and the world class sound system kicking out high energy music you’ll be swept away into an immersive experience where the world outside will cease to exist and it’ll just be you, your bike, your goals and at the end, your accomplishments.

With studios in Holborn, Battersea, Hammersmith and Shoreditch and classes throughout the week, it’s easy to find time to pop in and give it a go. Pole Sport London customers are welcome to a special discount on their first Boom Cycle class, just come along to a lesson and ask for a code! Check them out at www.boomcycle.co.uk 

Pole Dancing Class London

January 3, 2017

Pole Dancing Class London

To kick of 2017 why not join a pole dancing class in London? You can learn to pole dance at one of central London pole dance locations. Pole dancing is lots of fun and a great way to improve your strength and fitness. Our pole dance classes are open to both men and woman. To learn more about our pole dancing classes and to sign up to your first course contact us at polesportlondon@gmail.com