Pole Sport London

Boutique Pole Dance Courses: Small Class Numbers & Team Sport Training Enable Faster, More Effective Learning

Let’s face it, the the age of the 2-hour gym session, 5 days a week, is over. You owe it to yourself to try something new. Getting away from the weights to focus on bodyweight strength not only improves your overall strength capabilities, but also takes stress off your joints and serves as a detox for your body from the overload of a standard gym routine.

Whether you’re based in London and are looking for a beginner’s pole dance class near you, or if you’ve tried a few classes before and want to experience a pole dance workout where the focus is on your development, or even if you’re just browsing for activities in London and want give pole dancing a try, there’s no better place than right here. Get in touch to book your class, or browse our timetable to discover the perfect session for you.

Exercise classes in London just got a lot more fun!

Pole Sport is a pole dancing fitness movement based in London, that encourages both men and women to discover pole dancing as a sport to help you achieve your own personal fitness goals.

At our London Bridge and Southwark pole dancing studios we teach both traditional pole dance classes and pole dance choreography lessons. Alongside strength and conditioning classes using pole and body weight, cardio pole and open pole sessions. Classes are open to both men and women where you can work on your own personal goals, whether it be fitness, strength, weight loss or dance.

Our modern, spacious and clean studios are located at top fitness centers that offer modern facilities and training equipment including showers, saunas and gyms.

We aim to create a fun and supportive environment where everyone encourages each other to progress and get better. It’s a great way of making new friends or bringing your friends along to join in the fun together.

Private Lessons from £75

Contact us at polesportlondon@gmail.com