At Pole Sport London we always want to make it as easy as possible to book your first class and help you get all the information you need. Whether it is your first pole dance class or you have some pole dancing experience behind you and would like to learn some new moves Here are the answers to our FAQ to help you get started with Pole Sport London.

Are you new to pole fitness and not sure what to expect?

The chances are you are reading this because you have wanted to try pole dancing for a long time now, if you are reading this then we cannot emphasis this enough, sign up now! You will love it, guaranteed!

Whether you are a complete beginner to pole dancing or are a new member to Pole Sport London, coming to your first class can sometimes feel a bit nerve racking. At Pole Sport London you have nothing to worry about! We encourage an inviting class environment for people to learn how to pole dance and enjoy our pole fitness classes. Working in teams of two you will be working as a team learning and getting stronger together. Not only is this more fun, it’s a great way to keep fit and you might also make some new friends along the way.

You do not have to be strong or at the peak of your fitness to attend this class, we will get you strong. We will work to your level, so don’t worry if you don’t get all the pole moves in your first class or feel exhausted after the warm up. Our five week courses are designed to get you stronger and get you conquering your favourite pole moves by the end of the course. You will work with other members, learning to spot and support your pole dancing friends as well as improving your pole fitness.

For more information on what to expect from your first pole dance class see here.

Pole Dance Classes London Bridge

How do I book my first pole dance class with Pole Sport London?

To book with Pole Sport London you can decide between a drop in class or one of our five week courses. To sign up to Pole Sport London you can book here. With our easy to navigate booking system you can pay via Paypal and keep track of your classes.

Can I book more than one class at once?

Absolutely! Simply click a class you’d like to go to and click ‘Select’, then click on another class and click ‘Select’ again. Do this for as many classes as you’d like before clicking ‘Proceed’ to enter your payment details.

How do I get a discount for booking multiple classes?

All you need to do is select five classes within five weeks of each other, and the booking system will automatically discount 20% off the total. Booking 10 classes within a month will automatically make the total just £150 – a bargain for 10 classes!

Should I make a password when I book?

We strongly recommend that you add a password to your booking. This will make it easy to edit your booking (should you need to reschedule) and make quick bookings in future.

How can I reschedule my class?

If it’s more than 48 hours before the class starts you can log into the booking system using the link provided in your confirmation email or by clicking here



What happens if I cannot make one of my pole dancing classes?

We offer small boutique small pole dancing classes, in order to maintain the small pole class sizes we are unable to offer refunds once a class has been scheduled. However, where 48 hours notice is given we will always try and accommodate you as a catch up class in one of our other classes. If there are no other classes available we are afraid we cannot offer you refund.

Want to sign up to a pole dance course but cannot make all the classes?

When you sign up and pay for a course in full, we book the venue and the instructor for these dates. As a course booking is already at a discounted rate, we cannot offer refunds or transfers for individual classes within a course.


Pole Dance Clothes

What should I wear to a pole dance class?

Most importantly you want to be comfortable. We suggest you go for a basic pair of shorts (short enough that you can use your thighs to grip, and stretchy so that you can move) and a sports bra (you will be moving about!). We tend to wear leggings and a top over the top for warm ups.

We take off all shoes, rings, watches and jewellery to look after ourselves and the poles

Private Pole Dance Lessons

Do you offer private pole dance classes?

Private lessons can be a good way to learn how to pole dance and improve your fitness. You get undivided attention from your pole dance teacher. Not only that it can be at any time or day you wish which can help those with unusual timetables. For more information on booking your first private lesson please contact us.

Pole Dancing for Fitness

Is pole dancing a good workout?

Our pole fitness classes offer the perfect workout, an all-in-one package to getting in shape and a chance for your body to recover from the stress of the usual gym workout and everyday life. Bodyweight workouts are paramount in increasing functional strength, and can often be incredibly humbling to even seasoned fitness experts. So what does this mean for you? Pole fitness means a new challenge, a new way of approaching workouts, and a fresh approach to learning a new, functional and healthy routine.