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Happy New Year and A New Healthier Lifestyle!

Happy New Year, Happy New You! We hope you enjoyed the festive season. What better way to start the New Year than with a new a blog post focusing on your fitness goals and creating a new healthier lifestyle? It’s a great time to adopt a new fitness routine because a new year is, after all, considered a fresh start by many people. Lets start 2018 of as the year we work towards our health and fitness goals with a workout plan that’s sustainable – so you will be more likely to get past the end of January and still keep up the great exercise and healthy eating lifestyle.

New Year Resolution?

New years resolutions can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to create a new healthier lifestyle. It’s easy to think the new year, new you thing means that you need to dive in at the deep end, start hitting the gym everyday of the week and remove all refined sugars and processed foods from your diet. The usual thought is that you have to completely change your lifestyle and while it would be amazing if you could do that and stick with it, for the majority of us it’s just not feasible.

It’s much easier to make small, gradual changes and introducing a new exercise routine can really help with that. The key is not to try to change too much at once!

new healthier lifestyle

Pole Fitness – A Great Way To Keep Fit!

Trying something new is an exciting way to approach your health and fitness goals, and pole fitness is a great way to keep fit. How often have you signed up for a gym membership and attended just a few times? Pole dancing is a fun, empowering, body positive workout routine. It focuses on body weight strength that improves your overall strength capabilities, and also takes stress off your joints. It also serves as a detox for your body from the overload of a everyday life.

You’ll be far more likely to stick with your new workout plan if you enjoy it!

A Healthier, New You Is About Balance

At the start of every New Year you can bet there will be a new fad diet everyone is trying their hardest to follow. But to reinvent yourself doesn’t mean you have to find the latest fad diet and attempt to survive solely on soups or smoothies. Just aim to make generally healthier lifestyle choices. Team this with a new workout regime and you’re off to a winning start.

Make being healthy your main goal. You’ll soon notice improvements.

Pole Fitness Classes

At Pole Sport London, we have a range of pole fitness classes to get your health goals started. We have pole dancing lessons to help improve flexibility, classes that focus on improving your pole technique and pole dancing for beginnings. Come and see what we have in offer at our pole dancing school, London.

Check out our booking page to view our pole dancing classes available.