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We Have X-Pole Sport Dance Poles For Sale!

Dreaming of turning your living room into a pole fitness studio? Or aiming to open your own pole dancing school in your local area? Well, we have some exciting news for you… We have four X-Pole Sport dance poles for sale!

The X-Pole Sport Dance Pole

X-Pole are the leaders in pole fitness. This Sport Pole is designed specifically for beginners – though professionals and more advanced students can practice their moves on this dance pole too! This dance pole is ideal if you’re looking for something which is easy to install and set up. X-Pole have designed this Sport Dance Pole to require no ladders during installation and needs no transition between A-Pole to B-Pole, so you can started straight away!

X-Pole Sport Dance Pole For Sale – Specifications

You can find the X-Pole Sport Dance Pole for sale on eBay for £115 (RRP £149.99). We currently have one up for sale, but will have three more added in the coming weeks. Please get in touch with us on eBay or directly if you are interested in purchasing multiple dance poles.

The X-Pole Sport is 40mm in length and is extremely sturdy and stable, making it ideal for beginners.

This dance pole has been used, but is in brilliant condition, with just a few small scratches, which are shown in the photos.

Key Features:
• Bottom Loading – no ladders required.
• Revolutionary X-Joints – easy to use, quick to install.
• Smooth Pole from Top to Bottom – no transition between A-Pole to B-Pole.
• Small Upper Plate – for installation under one joist.
• Static Only.
• Extendable from 2235mm (7′ 4″) to 2745 (9′) from the box.
• Carry Case (included) – holds a complete SPORT Pole.


If you have any questions about our X-Pole Sport Dance Poles for sale, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy pole dancing!


It’s here! The one you’ve been asking for…. the Partner Stretching and Floor Work for Pole class has arrived to Pole Sport London. Flexibility for pole dancing is essential to helping you prepare for or develop more advanced pole technique and pole moves, and after much demand, we’ve created a unique pole dancing class specifically dedicated to flexibility for pole dancing!

Why Is Flexibility for Pole Dancing Important?

Stretching isn’t just for flexibility for pole dancing. Flexibility in everyday life is important too. Ever wake up stiff, or find you can’t turn in certain ways or reach your toes? Stretching exercises can improve your overall health and fitness, preventing issues such as muscle injury and back pain. Flexibility exercises help keep joints mobile, and keeps your muscles lean and strong as you age. The less you stretch, the weaker your muscles become, making them more prone to damage when you do go to use them – and no one wants that!

So what does this mean for pole dancing lessons?

Pole fitness obviously includes a lot of bending and requires more flexibility the more advanced you get in pole dancing. We always, always ensure our students are warmed up thoroughly to prevent injury, but stretching exercises and working on your flexibility can help with that and make certain moves easier.

We wanted to offer you a tailor made stretching workout, specifically for flexibility for pole dancing, so you can reach your moves quicker and safer!

Partner Stretching and Floor Work for Pole Class

Our brand new class, Partner Stretching and Floor Work for Pole begins Tuesday February 20th, starting at 6pm.

The pole fitness class will include a high intensity warm up, partner stretching and floor work routines to build in to your pole routine combos. Expect to bend – a lot! These sessions will really focus on extreme stretches, supporting your partner to develop their flexibility on areas such as the back, shoulders and including the splits!

Our new flexibility for pole dancing class will be held at: Train Fitness, Pocock Street, Southwark SE1. The venue includes a wonderful space, with room for 20 students, a powerful sound system, air conditioning (we’ll need it!), showers and changing room.

If you’re interested in signing up, check out our booking page or contact us for more information.