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Pole Dancing for Beginners

February 9, 2018

We get it. Pole dancing for beginners can be a little scary. Firstly there’s the whole challenge of getting your body around a pole and then there’s the dress code – or lack of one!

But you’re curious… Whether it’s for fun, fitness or to treat yourself to feeling like a goddess, pole dancing classes are calling you. So let us calm your anxieties and introduce you to pole dancing for beginners at Pole Sport London.

What’s Pole Dancing for Beginners Really Like?

“I always wanted to try pole classes but as I’m not flexible and I had no upper body strength, I was too worried of not being able to do anything or being left out (as sometimes happens with other sports).”

You’re not alone when it comes to  being nervous about you first class, in fact, you’re with others who are there to support you and learn with you. One of our students, Paula Natalicchio, recently talked about her worries about starting pole dancing lessons and how they soon vanished!

“I joined them [Pole Sport London] almost 4 months ago now and since then I have increased from 2 to 3 classes per week.”

Our community vibe is like no other, and you’ll never feel like the last one to be picked for a game of rounders! Our pole school in London is all about bringing people together to have fun and encourage each other as a team. We love focusing on pole exercise and pole dance routines to bring a feel good vibe to our pole dancing classes for beginners.

“What have I gained? First of all, great friends, you work with a partner, so you support and encourage each other. As they have small and personalised classes, we all get to know each other and celebrate each other’s achievements. I found Pole Sports very challenging but, as you are not alone it becomes very interesting and great fun.”

Does Pole Dance Fitness Count as Exercise?

YES! It might look gracious and easy, but pole dancing takes strength and pole technique. But don’t worry – we’ll get you started with the pole dancing basics and over time, with others cheering you on, you’ll learning some of the more advanced pole moves.

As Paula says, it’s an amazing form of exercise to help you feel good and get healthier; “That’s not all, I lost weight, it has improved my body coordination and flexibility, I became stronger and fitter. I can’t complain, I love it.

“I have completed my first steps of going upside down. That is very satisfying and a great achievement for someone that couldn’t lift the feet off the ground!”

So What Should I Wear?

It’s not all about skimpy bikinis and underwear! Pole Sports London is welcoming, non-judgemental and accepting of everyone. You don’t need to come along in tiny hot pants (unless you want to!) – running shorts and a t-shirt is more than fine. You can also layer and wear a long sleeved top and jogging bottoms for the warm up and cool down – whatever you’re comfortable in!

If you’re curious and have more questions, check out our booking page to see what’s on or contact us here.

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Try Our Pole Dancing Hen Parties in London!

Pole dancing hen parties are a fun and glamorous way to get a bride-to-be excited for a big night out!  Every girl has questioned the idea of pole dancing so what better way to celebrate than trying out a pole dancing hen party in London? Pole Sport London offers hour long pole dancing hen parties for brides-to-be and their excited bride squad, and we’d love to help you create the perfect hen party.

Planning A Hen Party?

Planning a hen party, whether it’s a hen weekend or a hen night, can feel a bit overwhelming at times. With so many hen party ideas out there, it can be hard to know what to choose! We make creating the perfect hen party package easy and fun.

If you want a hen party theme – go for it! Learning to pole dance in fancy dress makes it all the more fun – just be sure to check our clothing recommendations for safety! If you got some music requests for the hen do, let us know. Every pole dancing hen party includes a short dance routine at the end, so you can film the bride-too-be spinning around the pole to her favourite song!

Whether you and your friends are into fitness, or just want to feel fabulous – our sessions are perfect for a pole workout or a fun pole dancing lesson for beginners!

Hen Party Ideas in London

If you’re stuck for ideas of what to do after your pole dancing hen party, Pole Sport London is in the heart of London Bridge. There are plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants to make the hen night extra special.

Why not head up to The Shard for a gorgeous view of the sunset, or enjoy champagne and live music at the Sky Garden? After some champagne, you could head over to one of our favourites, the London Grind – just by Borough market, the venue is an espresso bar by day and cocktail bar by night, with beautiful decor and soft velvety seats.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat (which you probably will after all that dancing!), the riverside has plenty of restaurants for all budgets. Tapas Brindisa and Padella Pasta are two of the best in Borough Market.

What’s Included in our Pole Dancing Hen Parties?


You will work with one of our experienced pole dance teachers who will introduce you to the art of pole dancing as a one hour pole dance class for your hen party. We use central London locations with showers, meaning you can get sweaty in your pole class, and then take advantage of the changing rooms, sauna and showers, ready for your big night!

You do not have to be strong or physically fit to take part and it’s ideal for all ages. You will work in small groups on the pole learning to pole dance and put together a short pole dance for you to perform, film and take away for you to remember!

Our pole dance hen party venues London include:

London Bridge Hotel Fitness First Weekday days only

Fit4Less Southwark – In between London Bridge and Southwark Tube.

Gymbox Bank Station – There is an extra charge for booking at this venue.

How To Book Your Pole Dancing Hen Party

Pole Sport London’s pole dancing hen parties caters for various sizes and take place on Friday evenings, Saturday or Sunday. At our Fit4Less Southwark venue, our prices are £175 for up to 10 people and £15 per additional person, or £120 for parties with 5 or less people.

To book your hen party please make payment via paypal over on our booking page, and email us with the date, time and names of all those attending via

Click here for more details on our pole dance hen parties , or contact

A Little Clip from Our Christmas Pole Dancing Class