Pole Dance Lessons For Beginners

Your First Lesson

It is important to us that we create a fun and welcome class where everyone supports each other in their training and encourages each other to get stronger.

Some questions people ask when attending their first pole class:

What should I wear?

If you are a beginner, do not panic! Wear something you feel comfortable in, wear a short sleeved top or vest top and bring a pair of shorts for your first class.

You will train in bare feet but might like to bring some knee high socks or leg warmers from time to time. You will discover what you like to wear as your course progresses.

What we like to wear when training for pole

We find the most comfortable way to train is to start in jogging bottoms or leggings with shorts underneath. You can warm up and cool down in jogging bottoms and as the lesson progresses and you need skin contact with the pole you can take your jogging bottoms off.

A vest top or sports top is advisable but again some people prefer to wear a sports top under a t shirt so they can add and take off layers as they need to.

Do I need to be strong or physically fit already to attend?

No not at all! The classes will get you stronger and we will advice you and guide you on ways to improve your fitness for pole as your course progresses. The quickest way to get stronger for pole is to get started!